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CSD Audio Mega Theater Up & Running!

Come one, come all. Take a few moments to stop by the CSD showroom to experience the new Mega Theater. Size does matter, folks. And this theater takes it to a new level. High Definition video is displayed from an Epson projector onto a Two Hundred inch screen. Movie soundtrack is beautifully delivered through the […]

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Klipsch Speakers now available at CSD Audio

CSD is proud to announce the partnership with Klipsch loudspeakers. One of the first U.S. loudspeaker companies, has been building premium speakers since 1946. Check out the full line up at klipsch.com


Only Top 100 Installer for 2011-12 In Utah At CSD Audio

For the 2nd year in a row, CSD Audio owner Travis Pendley has made Mobile Electronics Magazine’s list of the Top 100 Car Audio installers in the USA… the only installer in Utah to make this prestigious list for 2011 – 2012.

Lessons Learned

I’ve had my A4 for a year now… Put 20k miles on it, spent over 630 hours behind the wheel, and spent darn near every minute of it listening to music. There aren’t many mods you can do to a car that make it more enjoyable to drive more of the time than a killer […]

CSD Audio featured on “Flip Men”

Spike TV’s new reality TV show, “Flip Men,” is filmed right here in Utah. On their season finale, Mike & Doug purchase a 14,000 sq ft mansion in Holladay. This house received a total makeover, including a CSD Home Theater & Sports Bar. CSD Audio was chosen to get this beautiful home’s audio & video […]

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Where do I sign up??

I must have one of these… http://www.kare11.com/video/958137284001/0/Twin-Cities-man-creates-a-country-club-for-cars

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Custom dash bezel for 1996 – 2008 A4 & S4

There are many manufacturers that make ‘dash kits’ for B5, B6 & B7 Audi A4 & S4. These plastic kits do a good job of holding your aftermarket head unit, but don’t match the quality fit & finish of the rest of your Audi interior. CSD Audio can build you a 1 off custom dash […]

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CSD Audi v3 – Powered By Focal, Mosconi

If you love music, you need to hear this car. Even if you’re not in the market for new equipment, even if you like to shop somewhere else, the audio system in this car will open your eyes to what’s truly possible in bringing high fidelity audio to an automotive environment. Schedule a time to […]

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Rockin’ Rock Crawler

Misty loves her music. We loaded this Jeep up with all the latest and loudest components from Pioneer. The control center of this system is Pioneer’s AVH-P6300BT with built in DVD, iPod Video playback, Ap Mode and Bluetooth hands free phone, GEX-P920XM module, and ND-BC4 back-up camera. Under the rear seat, we stashed two Pioneer […]

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CSD Audio – Back to its roots

A lot of people ask me… “What does CSD stand for?” Originally I started out as Custom Speaker Designs. I designed and built tons of crazy loud subwoofer enclosures, and other custom speaker cabinets. I changed the name to CSD Audio when i started to offer a full line of home theater & car audio […]

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