JR’s Porsche Carrera

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JR’s Posche Carrera 4
We’re just gettin started with this one here, folks. First off, we added an AVH-P3300BT in dash multimedia receiver to update the technologoy in this porsche. The 3300BT adds DVD, iPod video, USB, SD playback as well as syncs with your smartphone via Bluetooth. In-Car connectivity at its finest. It even has an ‘ap mode’ feature to allow you access to many of your iPod/iPhone applications through the CD-IU50v cable. To get this new unit to fit, the dash had to be modified, climate controls relocated and custom trim bezel was fabricated to make this new unit look like it came that way from the factory. Up next, JR plans to add a 13″ woofer behind the back seat to provide this sporty coupe the low bass that the factory Bose system just can’t provide. Stay tuned!

**Update 09/08/2011**
We added the subwoofer today and totally transformed the Bose system into something quite impressive. While we could have gone with a fiberglass molded enclosure, budget was a concern so I designed a simpler version built entirely of MDF and finished with black carpet and factory matched tan vinyl. Very simple, very clean, and great sound.

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