CSD Audi v3 – Powered By Focal, Mosconi

If you love music, you need to hear this car. Even if you’re not in the market for new equipment, even if you like to shop somewhere else, the audio system in this car will open your eyes to what’s truly possible in bringing high fidelity audio to an automotive environment. Schedule a time to stop by and take a no obligation listen to this system… you’ll be glad you did! Call travis @ 801.960.2999 or contact me via email to set up a private listening session.

The system delivers stunningly realistic sound through Focal Utopia Be no. 7 component speakers in the front doors & a-pillars, a JL Audio 13″ Shallow subwoofer flush mounted in the rear quarter panel and is powered by three Italian built Mosconi amplifiers installed in the floor.

The goal of this system was to create a listening environment that would re-create the feeling of listening to a great 2-channel music system in your home. Along with great sound, I needed to retain this wagon’s ability to haul cargo to my home theater job sites or take my dog to the park. I also really like the cosmetics and feel of the factory Audi interior and wanted to make the new system blend in as much as possible. This system accomplished all of these goals and performs better than even I had hoped. But, you don’t have to take my word for it. Come take a listen today!

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