Stealth Audiophile Excellence – Ford F150

Day after day at CSD Audio, vehicles come in for substantial sound upgrades but often aren’t featured on the website because great lengths are taken to maintain the integrity of the factory interior cosmetics. There’s not much to see once the system is complete! For this F-150 project, you get to see some of the details that comprise a great sounding and nearly invisible audio system.

Technology upgrades include a Digital Media Receiver which features a 2″ color screen, and USB connection which controls an iPod, iPhone or other mass storage class USB device. A Bluetooth hands free system was connected to allow the customer to safely talk on the phone while the vehicle is in motion.

This system delivers crystal clear, detailed sound powered by 7 channels and nearly 1300 Watts of amplifier power. The front speakers are bi-amplified using the electronic crossover built in to the Audison LRX amplifier and an Alpine Imprint processor adds a parametric equalizer, phase shift & time delay to optimize the listening environment in this brand new Ford.

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