Trent’s Lancer Evolution – Audiophile sound on a budget

This client had a chance to listen to the CSD Audi v3 and was immediately hooked. The challenge though, was to design a system that exhibited may of the same qualities of the reference system while sticking to a limited budget. We chose the control center of this unit to be the Pioneer DEH-80PRS. We used the front channels to power the midranges of the Pioneer D Series component speakers and used the rear channels of the head unit to power the tweeters. This allowed a precise blend between the sound of all 4 front speakers and allowed us to use the time delay features of the DEH-80PRS to ensure the output of all the speakers in the car arrives at the listening position at the same time. This gives the amazing sense that the music is coming out of the windshield, making it sound far more ‘real’ than most car stereo systems. A Pioneer 12″ Championship Series Pro woofer rounds out the system and provides punchy, accurate bass. For less than $1500 for the entire system, the sound in this car is truly amazing!

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