Craig’s 2013 Camaro

Craig bought this car completely stripped down knowing the first thing he’d change about the car is the lackluster stock audio system. After shopping around, he picked CSD audio to do the work to the Camaro. Technology upgrades were handled by a Pioneer in-dash DVD receiver that adds a 6.1″ touch screen, video iPod playback with advanced app mode, Bluetooth streaming audio and Hands free phone, and a back-up camera.

The audio system is controlled by a Mosconi 6to8 digital signal processor, sending 6 channels of crystal clear signal to the Focal Power Performance amplifiers. Focal’s K2 Power series component speakers provide the midrange and highs. CSD ran all four channels of the FPP4100 to the front speakers allowing for a perfect blend between the woofers down low and tweeters mounted up high in the doors. The speakers were hidden behind the stock grilles hidden from potential thieves. A Focal Performance 12″ Subwoofer fills in the low end providing smooth, detailed bass without overpowering the other speakers in the car.

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