CSD DJ Booth

All work and no play makes me a dull boy. This off-topic project is a custom designed & built DJ booth that houses two Pioneer CDJ800’s, a 4 channel mixer, Jamo THX speakers, an Adcom 300 watt amplifier and even a full desktop computer running Serato scratch live. Once it’s hooked into the CSD Mega Theater’s 2000 watt audio system and 200″ projection system (Scaled up to 250 inches), you’ve got one heck of a party.

This booth is mostly constructed from a pile of parts from Ikea including a table top, bookshelf, casters, 4 sets of table legs, a shelf, and a random trim piece I found on clearance. To that I added a sheet of 1/8″ Lexan (frosted with 80 grit sandpaper), aluminum angle trim, custom CDJ stands, and 17″ of color changing LEDs.

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