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Focal Utopia System in Audi RS5

Over the years I’ve auditioned hundreds of different speakers and the Focal Utopia Be are the best i’ve ever heard. The Audi RS5 is among one of my favorite cars I’ve ever driven. It made perfect sense to combine the two and create one of the best driving experiences available. A Mosconi 6to8 sound processor […]

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New demo car! CSD Audi v4

After 2 years, I decided it was time to change things up and purchase a new demo car. After test driving cars from nearly every manufacturer, I couldn’t resist the power and performance of this 2008 Audi RS4. Stay tuned for updates as the new, reference quality audio system is designed and installed. Check back […]

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Justin’s B8 Audi S4

Justin’s S4 came with the “premium” audio system by Bang & Oulfsen. But the B&O system lacked detail, volume, and most of all, bass. After listening to the CSD Audi, Justin chose to go with a similar Focal & Mosconi setup. The Mosconi 6to8 digital signal processor is the brains of this system splitting up […]

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Radar & Laser Protection – 2012 Audi A5

Our friends over at Streamline Industries sent us this gorgeous A5. After upgrading the wheels, tires, suspension, engine software and exhaust, it was CSD Audio’s turn to add a little peace of mind. This customer needed the ultimate advanced warning and protection from those pesky speeding tickets. CSD Installed the Beltronics Pro RX-75 laser/radar detetcion […]

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2012 Audi A3 Technology Upgrade

You’d think a 2012 Audi would come loaded with technology, but CSD Audio still has the ability to upgrade this hot hatch with even more bells & whistles. Pioneer’s AVIC-Z130 Flagship navigation unit was installed in the dash, bringing a world of new technologies. Check it out:

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CSD Audi v3

Here is a little teaser about the upcoming third version of the CSD Audi. This 2011 A4 Avant will soon have some of the best sounding audio equipment on the planet, Focal’s Utopia series speakers & Mosconi amplifiers. Stay tuned!

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John’s Audi R8

The goal of this project was to add some extra functionality and safety to this R8, keeping the wires and components totally out of sight. After the project was completed, there was really nothing inside to look at. Mission accomplished. On the outside, though, there’s a whole lot of beauty to behold. Special thanks to […]

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