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Audi S5 Custom Subwoofer Enclosure

Just like the M4 I posted a couple weeks ago, (See it here) ┬áthis S5 owner needed more bass than the factory installed Bang & Oulfsen premium stereo could provide. This car came with an essentially useless donut spare tire so it was removed to make way for this dual Focal 10 inch custom subwoofer […]

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Radar & Laser Protection – 2012 Audi A5

Our friends over at Streamline Industries sent us this gorgeous A5. After upgrading the wheels, tires, suspension, engine software and exhaust, it was CSD Audio’s turn to add a little peace of mind. This customer needed the ultimate advanced warning and protection from those pesky speeding tickets. CSD Installed the Beltronics Pro RX-75 laser/radar detetcion […]

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John’s Audi R8

The goal of this project was to add some extra functionality and safety to this R8, keeping the wires and components totally out of sight. After the project was completed, there was really nothing inside to look at. Mission accomplished. On the outside, though, there’s a whole lot of beauty to behold. Special thanks to […]

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Italian Beauties

Raise your hand if you hate speeding tickets! I do too. Ferraris are all about performance and speed. Radar and Laser guns aren’t. To help win this war I installed discreet radar detection systems on several Ferraris with laser shifting technology. At a glance, the cars look totally stock, but these babies are equipped with […]

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