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Toyota Tacoma Stealth System

In a truck, there’s not a lot of spare room. So we had to think small to get big sound! A custom subwoofer enclosure housing two 10″ Pioneer shallow woofers was stashed behind the back seat. On the driver’s side, two Mosconi amplifiers which power the system were mounted to a custom amp racks and […]

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CSD Audi v3 – Powered By Focal, Mosconi

If you love music, you need to hear this car. Even if you’re not in the market for new equipment, even if you like to shop somewhere else, the audio system in this car will open your eyes to what’s truly possible in bringing high fidelity audio to an automotive environment. Schedule a time to […]

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A Tale of two 3’s

I enjoy projects like this when they come along. Mike was looking to make a substantial improvement to the Bose system in his Speed3, but uses his car to haul things for his business, and couldn’t give up any trunk space. I built him a custom fiberglass woofer enclosure INSIDE his spare tire which housed […]

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