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Toyota Tacoma Access Cab Custom Subwoofer

CSD Custom Subwoofer Enclosure for Toyota Tacoma Access Cab with a Focal 12″ SubP30 Subwoofer.

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Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Custom Subwoofer

This jeep needed a bass upgrade but even with the extended wheelbase, cargo space is at a premium. A fiberglass mold was taken of the wheel well and this custom subwoofer enclosure was created. This new woofer blends perfectly with the interior of the Jeep and retains nearly all of the rear storage compartment. ***Note […]

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Patrick’s legacy GT filled with Morel Speakers & Genesis Amps

Morel Elate Speakers & Genesis Series III Amplifiers in Patrick’s ’08 Subaru Legacy GT This system was designed to provide an amazing listening experience while maintaining the cosmetics of the Subaru interior. 3 Genesis amplifiers, an Audison BitOne processor and Stinger 2 Farad capacitor are all hidden in a compartment under the floor, keeping them […]

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