Greg’s Audiophile Subaru Legacy GT

Morel Speakers & Genesis Amplifiers in Greg’s ’06 Subaru Legacy GT

Hate your long commute to work? CSD Audio will help you begin to enjoy your drive. With a 40 minute commute each way, Greg needed to find a way to make the most of the time he spends in his car every day. The system was designed to provide an amazing listening experience while keeping the appearance of this Subaru totally stock. 2 Genesis amplifiers, an Audison BitOne processor and Stinger 2 Farad capacitor are all hidden in a compartment under the floor, keeping them out of cargo areas as well as out of sight from would be thieves. We kept the factory radio in the dash to preserve the factory cosmetics and mounted the dash controller for the BitOne in a pocket above the clock. Thorough treatment of the vehicle with sound deadening material, careful placement of speakers, active crossovers, 1/3 octave EQs for each channel and digital time alignment of each individual speaker all combine to create incredibly realistic sound, natural vocals, smooth highs, and tight punchy bass.

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