You don’t have to join the dark side to magically start your car..

Every year the Super Bowl usually sets a new record for number of viewers. This year raked in a pretty amazing 111 million viewers, but not everybody tunes in to catch the game — the commercials that debut have a history of being almost as entertaining as the game itself.

The commercial took the top spot this year was Volkswagen’s “The Force” commercial, featuring a kid dressed as Darth Vader attempting to use the Force to move and control objects with his mind, and in the end “succeeding” by starting his father’s new Passat. Dear ol’ dad simply used his remote start car starter from the kitchen window, but the kid’s reaction to succeeding is priceless (although his many failures in the beginning are pretty amusing too).

Yoda uses a Directed SmartStart

Shortly after the spot aired, a spoof of the commercial was released on the interwebs that featured Yoda harnessing the power of the Force (and a Direct Electronics SmartStart) to start a Camaro. Darth’s dad may be able to start the car from his kitchen window, but thanks to his smart phone-powered SmartStart, Yoda can start his car from just about anywhere in the world.

Here’s the original vid…

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